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Customer Testimonials

"Mike assisted me with renovation work on a 100+ year old house to be used as a business. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, is very professional, fair and hard working, easy to work with, and above all, does excellent work! I highly recommend him!"

- Jen H.


"My experience with Oak Home Improvement was positive in every respect. The builder used quality materials and produced a product that totally met my expectations. He was very willing to incorporate my ideas and provided a design with which I was completely happy. I would gladly recommend this company."

- Jennifer W.

"Michael remodeled my open-concrete basement into an entryway from the garage, a closet containing the heating/cooling & hot water heater, a full bathroom with laundry. He connected this to our upstairs space with a new staircase. The drywall finish is amazing, so smooth. Michael is meticulous and detailed. He was very professional. I would recommend his work on any project large or small."


- Jessica H.

"I got some concrete work done in my yard, fixing a wall and building a patio. Michael got back to me right away and gave me the best value quoted I had received. He walked me through step by step how much everything would cost and why - then how long the process would take and what I should expect. Michael was fast, efficient and honest. I have a lot more work scheduled for him to do next spring inside my home after seeing pictures of some work and speaking with that client. Michael followed up with a phone call a few weeks later to make sure I was still happy with the work."

                                                                                                                                  - Patricia M.